Dallas Cowboys running back out 2 months after breaking his elbow to avoid dropping his new iPhone

Cowboy Defensive Lineman Has Soft Spot For Pets In Need
Cowboy Defensive Lineman Has Soft Spot For Pets In Need

Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden paid the price for trying to save his new iPhone.

On Tuesday, the Cowboys announced that McFadden underwent surgery to repair his fractured elbow and will be out two months, possibly missing the beginning of the regular season.

The cause of the injury makes it even more painful. According to Cowboys running back coach Gary Brown, McFadden "cracked" his elbow while trying to save his iPhone from falling.

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"He was trying to keep his iPhone S, his brand new one from hitting the ground and cracked his elbow," Brown said, according to Brandon George of The Dallas Morning News. The incident reportedly happened over Memorial Day Weekend, and McFadden initially practiced through the injury before X-rays revealed the fracture.

When asked about the choice to try and save his phone, Brown said McFadden — who is set to make over $2 million this season — has the "pre-CBA money" to have paid for a new one.

The Cowboys are clearly not too happy with the injury, but it will cost McFadden, too. With the time he'll be out, which will almost certainly include training camp, he will likely be passed on the depth chart by rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott. If healthy, McFadden could have at least put up a fight for the starting job at running back.

Hopefully for McFadden's sake, he gets to enjoy that new, in-tact iPhone.

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