31 beautiful photos that show the public transportation resurgence happening in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Transport
Los Angeles Transport

Los Angeles is known as a city that's both in love with cars and choked with traffic and smog.

But in recent years, the City of Angels has worked to beef up its public transportation offerings, and boasts the most trafficked light-rail system in the United States (which opened to passengers on July 14, 1990). Originally, the Metro even ran on the honor system, though unfortunately due to human nature, it resorted to fare gates like other systems. The Metro's Expo extension, which opened in May, was part of a $14-billion project — the largest public works project in the country.

And maybe because of the tide of cars they have to deal with every day, many Angelenos have become passionate about public transportation.

If you want to get a glimpse of the best in public transportation in Los Angeles, the Metro curates an Instagram full of beautiful bike rides on the beach and stunning sunsets glinting off trains.

Additional reporting by Graham Rapier.

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