15 animals who just want to help out, as told by Reddit

Dog helps owner turn jump rope for other dog!
Dog helps owner turn jump rope for other dog!

1. This puppy who will do literally anything to get time with his human bestie:

Imgur GIF....even if it means getting a little whiplash.

2. This canine who's got his buddy's back, all day, every day:

This is the most helpful dog in the world What a pro!

3. Even this shepherd who thinks he's a lifeguard on the side:

Owner's Dog Worries Every Time He Dives In The Pool And Tries To Save Him Don't worry human, I've got you!

4. This cat who doesn't think twice about busting his puppy brother:

The Snitch!It wasn't me - Shaggy

5. This bird who is also a grape sharer:

Imgur GIFOne for me, and one for you.

6. This cat who's always there after a bad day at work:

Cat is best bottle opener Rough day? Here's your live-in bottle opener:

7. And this cat who is there to get those hard-to-reach places:

That Hard-To-Reach spot Oh yeah, that's the spot.

8. This lab who is also your construction assistant:

Imgur GIF Fetch, Fido! Good boy.

9. And this one who won't let you break your back:

"Thanks for the help, buddy." 1, 2, 3, pivot!

10. This yoga-loving cat who won't let you practice on your own:

The Floofie Yoga Instructor You're doing downward-facing cat all wrong!

11. This cat who should add electrician to her resume:

Cat helps with cable work So that's what those paws were made for!

12. This German shepherd who is the best laundry sorter around:

Imgur GIF He makes it look so easy!

13. This fluff ball who knows how to score a treat:

Well done you The cutest yard helper there will ever be.

14. A kitty with an artistic eye:

Hooman, Cans I Help You Do Pottery? Here, let me just fix this part...

15. And finally, this dolphin who fetches lost and found:

Dolphins returns person's iPhoneShe's the best under-the-sea helper around!

Scroll through below to see dogs with the most hilarious, expressive faces:

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