Woman casually gets her eyebrows tinted while awaiting her C-section

Pregnant Mom Dances to Thriller to Induce Labor
Pregnant Mom Dances to Thriller to Induce Labor

Everyone knows you can't give birth with bad brows.

With that in mind, while awaiting her C-section, Mollie Harwood — mother, blogger and makeup artist — decided that rather than simply resting up in her hospital bed, she would tend to her eyebrows.

Mollie Makeup posted several videos of herself in the hospital, eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby — one of which shows her getting her eyebrows tinted. No biggie.

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The makeup artist updated her fans by posting an extremely upbeat video to Facebook announcing that she was in the hospital and her C-section had been delayed.

She explained that after wandering around the hospital to waste time, she stumbled upon a beauty salon. Clearly Mollie felt this encounter was an act of fate, because she went on to explain that the one thing she forgot to do before coming to the hospital was get her eyebrows tinted.

In the video, the mother-to-be is seen relaxing in the beauty salon with a nice peel-off-tint on her brows.

"I'm gonna have nice, dark eyebrows ready for my photo with baby..." she said.​

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A day later when baby still had not come, Mollie posted a follow-up video showcasing her on fleek brows and anxious husband — who began his own personal (and far more cringeworthy) eyebrow maintenance as a result of boredom.

In Mollie's final video update, she presented her beautiful baby girl, Bronte, to the world.

And yes, in case you were wondering, her eyebrows still looked flawless.

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