Woman arrested and convicted of crime after reporting rape in Qatar

Dutch Woman Accuses Man of Rape, Gets Arrested in Qatar
Dutch Woman Accuses Man of Rape, Gets Arrested in Qatar

A 22-year-old Dutch woman has been found guilty of "illicit consensual fornication" after reporting she had been raped in Qatar, CNN reports.

After being held in Qatar for nearly three months the woman was handed a one-year suspended sentence. She was also placed on a three year probation and fined $823 for being intoxicated in an unlicensed location.

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The woman went for drinks at a hotel in the Qatari capital in March when she had a drink that made her feel "very unwell" her lawyer Brian Lokollo told The Associated Press.

After waking up in an unfamiliar place, she discovered she had been raped. When she reported the assault to authorities, she was arrested.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry has been working to get the woman home, according to reports. The Dutch ambassador to Qatar, Yvette Burghgraef-van Eechoud, said, "We will do everything we can to get her out of the country as soon as possible to where she says she wants to go."

The woman will reportedly be released and allowed to go back home in the coming days.

The man who raped her, a Syrian citizen identified by Doha News s as Omar Abdullah al-Hassan, has been sentenced to 140 lashes for his crime.