Trump and Clinton both break one crucial rule when it comes to resumes

How to build a killer resume that stands out from the crowd

Andrei Kurtuy is the co-founder of online resume startup Novorésumé is on a mission to end the multiple-page resume.

His advice for job seekers is that "less is more." To prove his point, he's created sample resumes for various famous people with long and illustrious careers. If a one-page resume can be done for these folks, it can be done for you, too.

For instance, Novorésumé did a tongue-and-cheek one-page resume for entrepreneur extraordinaire Elon Musk.

It's now done the same for presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

If you look carefully, they slipped in a few zingers with these resumes that you would not want to emulate on your own.

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Trump and Clinton both break one crucial rule when it comes to resumes

Take advantage of your college career center
Most universities offer career coaching from trained professionals who specialize in development and advancement. Whether or not you have an idea of your career plans post-college, it can be beneficial to take a few hours out of your day and set up an appointment with one of the counselors. Many times, these professionals can review and help you tailor your resumé and cover letter. To top it off, because of their experience and networks in various industries, counselors have the potential to connect you with hiring managers.

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Begin creating and using your network 
One of the most important aspects to finding a job is taking advantage of your professional and personal network. Your connections can vary from your family members and friends to your professors and alumni. If you feel as if you're lacking a valuable network, however, business association events and gatherings are the best way to gain important contacts.

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Always follow up  
With the advancement of modern technology, most job applications are done online. Because of this new process, it oftentimes makes it harder to find the person of contact to follow up with. However, you shouldn't let that initial obstacle prevent you from following up. If you can't find the name of the hiring manager directly reviewing your application, use LinkedIn to do a search of the next best person to reach out to. Many potential employees miss out on interviews by not being proactive and sending follow up emails.

For instance, under Trump's skills, Novorésumé lists "storytelling" and "deflection."

Clinton's resume was sent to us before she clinched the nomination, so it doens't mention her history-making achievement of being the first woman to land the presidential nomination of a major political party.

It does include this zinger line: "Oversaw damage control in response to WikiLeaks revelations of State Department cables." Unless you are applying for a job as a public relations specialist, you might not want to point out a time when you had to perform damage control for a leadership role you were in.

Still, these resumes offer a two-column design that show you never, ever, have to use more than one page.

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