Teen walks 111 miles with brother strapped to his back

Teen Walks 111 Miles With Kid Brother Strapped To His Back
Teen Walks 111 Miles With Kid Brother Strapped To His Back

A heartfelt story about the efforts of Michigan family to raise awareness about cerebral palsy is going viral.

The Gandee family has started a project titled 'Cerebral Palsy Swagger' to raise awareness for the disorder, which their 9-year-old son Braden suffers from.

The disorder, also known as 'CP', includes a range of neurological disorders that affect balance, body, and muscle movement.

For Braden, CP inflicts his ability to walk. But that's where his older brother Hunter comes in. The 16-year-old has completed three different walks to raise awareness about his brother's condition, all with his brother in tow.

The longest walk the duo completed was 111 miles, from Temperance, Michigan to the state capital, Lansig. And Braden was able to walk the last half mile, an unexpected accomplishment.

These two are the true definition of sibling love.

Scroll through to see more photos of the 'Cerebral Palsy Swagger' team:

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