Police officer pays for hotel room for homeless woman

Kind Police Officer Who Dances and Reads To Children Will Warm Your Heart
Kind Police Officer Who Dances and Reads To Children Will Warm Your Heart

A Connecticut police officer's kind act is warming hearts all over the internet.

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When officer John-Paul Dorais of the Meriden Police Department stumbled upon a homeless woman sleeping in a shed, he couldn't turn a blind eye.

"I sympathized with her," Dorais told The Huffington Post. "She was well-educated, well-spoken, she was just going through a really difficult time."

Dorais and his partner officer Jeff Witkin tried to find a shelter to take the woman in, but were turned away.

So Dorais took matters into his own hands.

"We exhausted all our other options," Dorais said. "That's when I turned to Jeff and said 'What could it really cost us to buy her a motel room?'"

Witkin agreed and the partners headed to a local Comfort Inn & Suites.

During booking, Witkin snapped a photo of Dorais and posted it to the department's Facebook page.

"Officer Dorais's act of kindness exemplifies what the men and women of the Meriden Police Department stand for and we are proud of him and all our officers who do these kinds of deeds that are seldom recognized," the post reads.

The post ended up going viral, which surprised Dorais.

"Police officers do tons of great things that people don't know about all the time," Dorais said. "I've seen officers do bigger and better things than what we did. Really it was small in comparison."

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