New study suggests full fat milk might help fight acne

New Study Suggests Full Fat Milk Might Help Fight Acne
New Study Suggests Full Fat Milk Might Help Fight Acne

If you've worried about clogged pores, you may want to add another product to your beauty regimen: milk.

Of course, you're not going to put in on your skin, but a new study suggests whole milk could help fight the pimple battle.

After dermatologists studied 225 teenagers drinking different levels of fat milk — from full fat to skim — they found a spike in acne symptoms among those consuming low-fat milk.

Whole milk contains fewer carbohydrates because a higher amount of its content is fat.

Skim milk is believed to be higher in proteins that increase insulin levels in the body, which in turn stimulates the sebaceous gland that leads to pimples.

Researchers did say there was no link between full-fat milk and acne problems, only between skim milk consumption and acne.

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Contrary to previous belief, the researchers said, "Milk fat, although containing saturated fats, also contains numerous medium-chain fatty acids beneficial in promoting healthy metabolism and decreasing insulin resistance."

Now you can say that glass of chocolate milk wasn't just tasty, but it's making your skin silky smooth too.