Dog gets new toy and can barely keep it together

Puppy Whines About Delivering Newspaper
Puppy Whines About Delivering Newspaper

If you're looking for something that'll put a smile on your face today, this is it.

Buddy the rescue dog got a new toy, and he just could not hold back his excitement. His human captured the ecstatic pooch playing with his bright green fetch machine -- called GoDogGo -- and it couldn't be any cuter.

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In the video, Buddy's intently watching the tennis ball as the machine gets ready to launch. He's bouncing up and down, his ears are flopping all over the place and he lets out an enthusiastic bark as the anticipation escalates.

Then thunk! The ball launches and Buddy's off! He hustles to bring it back, drops it in the bucket, and the adorable bouncing begins again. You can't help but crack a smile.

Rennie Berchard - Nothing excites Buddy more than his... Facebook

We could watch this cuddly canine all day!

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