Colorado news anchor apologizes to dog

Colorado News Anchor Apologizes to a Dog
Colorado News Anchor Apologizes to a Dog

In a video that aired last week, Colorado news anchor Kyle Clark gives a heartfelt apology to a pup he didn't rescue from a car on a hot summer day. The report is now going viral.

The reporter turns to the television, saying "So there's an apology in order. Not for you, no. For your dog. I am sorry that your dog does not have better humans."

Clark, an avid animal lover, said he was walking past a car in Denver when he heard the small dog crying because of the hot temperature.

"I thought about putting a rock through someone's car window today," Clark said on a Facebook post about the incident.

Instead, Clark waited some time for the owner to return. The owner did return 10 minutes later, but not before Clark called 911 and was put on hold. When the owner arrived, Clark was scoffed and "laughed" at.

As summer comes into full swing, and temperatures rise, so does increased awareness for both pet and child safety. In some states, leaving pets and children in the car can be considered crimes, or result in fines.

Hopefully this incident serves as a reminder for car safety, regarding both animals and people during these hot summer months.

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