3 trends and designers defining summer 2016

In the very rare case you haven't been reading our In/Outs, Style Guides, or Personal Style posts, let us enlighten you on three very real trends defining Summer 16. First, there's the off-the-shoulder top. Yep, this is the one you cannot and will not shake, mostly because it's too dang flattering to deny or because you've already invested in 13 of them (oops). Second, there are checks and stripes pretty much everywhere at the moment. They're on your picnic table, your beach towel, your crop top, and maybe your boyfriend's shirt too, if he's one of thoseBlue Gingham type of guys. Third, there is the pressed dress shirt that has, one way or another, turned into a cocktail blouse. Whether your dry-cleaners screwed one up and you decided to turn it into a one shoulder or you're not feeling the buttons anymore on your button-down shirt, this shirt IS fashion right now.

It's not hard to find one of these trends executed in a single top. But what happens when you're feeling greedy one Tuesday in July and want to wear a top that includes all of three of them? Everyone gets a little self-indulgent now and then, and when you do, we know three

Shop our picks below from Cecilie Copenhagen, Easton Pearson, and Saloni.

Cecilie Copenhagen:

Easton Pearson:


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