2,000-year-old edible butter found in Ireland

2,000-Year-Old Edible Butter Found In Ireland

Before refrigerators became a regular household appliance, people had to find creative ways to keep their dairy products fresh.

Throwing foods that would easily expire into bogs was one solution, and based on a recent discovery, it was pretty effective -- hence the reason this 2,000-year-old, 22-pound hunk of butter recently found in a bog in Drakerath, Ireland is still believed to be edible.

Of course, we're sure that depends on how loosely one defines the term 'edible,' but we digress.

At present, the giant mound of dairy product is being examined at the Cavan County Museum.

The institution notes that back in the day, butter had great value and was sometimes used to pay rents and taxes.

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2,000-year-old edible butter found in Ireland

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It was also deemed a food "fit for the gods," and as such was buried as an offering to them, according to Atlas Obscura.

That sounds nice and all ... but you butter believe we wouldn't be putting bog-variety toppings on our movie theater popcorn any time soon.

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