Watch Bernie Sanders' painfully awkward reaction when asked about Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton

President Obama Endorses Clinton After Private Meeting With Sanders

Bernie Sanders had a painfully awkward reaction to being asked about President Barack Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton moments after news of it broke online.

"Senator Sanders, what is your reaction to the president endorsing Hillary Clinton today?" a reporter asked Sanders, who was sitting across from Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

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Watch Bernie Sanders' painfully awkward reaction when asked about Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton
#ThankyouBernie for starting a fire of truth that will make this entire world a better place, we are with you!
#ThankYouBernie for giving my generation someone honest to stand by & for taking us seriously. You've sparked a flame in us that cannot die.
#ThankYouBernie for being 74 but having a timeless heart.
#ThankYouBernie for the hope and the honesty and for inspiring a lot of people. You've made this cynical weenie believe a little bit again
#ThankYouBernie for starting a conversation that was long overdue. for making us believe in honest politics. for uniting us.
I would rather see the first honest president than the first female president. Bigger milestone. #ThankYouBernie
When your convictions for standing up for injustice are this deep , you deserve to lead. #ThankYouBernie
#ThankYouBernie for doing the right thing, even when nobody else is watching AND when all the WRONG ppl R watching!
This the first time I've ever felt like a president was actually fighting for me and this country with everything in them. #ThankYouBernie
For being an actual amazing role model and inspiration #ThankYouBernie
#ThankYouBernie for standing up 4 Muslims and Mexicans, for women's rights, all people of color, all races, that we are all in this together
#ThankYouBernie for being a true public servant. Tireless, brave, humble. For giving a damn about people and what's right, popular or not.
#ThankYouBernie for inspiring an entire generation to become more politically involved.Your impact will last 4 many more generations to come


Reid attempted to thwart additional questions, but reporters asked again what Sanders' thoughts were.

Sanders remained silent.

Watch the interaction below:

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