Toddler makes hilarious faces blowing out birthday cake

Baby Boy Makes Funny Faces Blowing Out A Candle
Baby Boy Makes Funny Faces Blowing Out A Candle

Everyone knows how monumental a birthday is when you're a kid.

There's all this hype with the coolest parties, the most sought after presents, and of course, goodie bags and cake. When you're young, your birthday is the biggest deal. It's your day, so why shouldn't you bask in all the glory and attention?

As seen in this video, parents' birthdays will get stolen by their kids.

This toddler is almost there. Maybe he doesn't understand the importance of the day, but he surely understands the importance of the cake. His parents, brother, and sister laugh on as the toddler struggles to even make a dent in the cake, despite his determination.

Hopefully for his parents, he never learns to blow out's just too cute!

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