Lil B curses D'Angelo Russell (Video)

James Harden's "Curse" Is Back According to Lil B
James Harden's "Curse" Is Back According to Lil B

If there's one thing that all players want to avoid in the NBA, it's being cursed by Lil B. Time and time again, rapper Lil B has put a curse on a player and they end up either losing a big series in the playoffs or see their season go into the tank.

Everyone anxiously awaits each season to see if he has decided to curse another player in the league. Curses can come up for a variety of reasons with Lil B. Whether it's stealing one of his moves or challenging his beloved Warriors, he does not mess around.

It appears that now another player has been cursed. Lil B joined ESPN's SportsNation and he decided to let everyone know that Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell has been affected by the curse.

For Russell, this can't be good as he already has enough issues to deal with already off the court. Perhaps The Based God does not approve of snitches and therefore isn't happy with the way that Russell treated his rookie season.

One this is known however, if Russell starts playing terrible or bad things happen, Lil B is to blame for once again cursing yet another player.

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