K9 gets stage fright as he is sworn into office as department's first comfort dog

K9 Officer Gets Shy While Being Sworn In During Ceremony
K9 Officer Gets Shy While Being Sworn In During Ceremony

What a ruff day!

As this Colorado pooch was being sworn in as Douglas County Sheriff's Office's first comfort dog, he seems to have forgotten his lines.

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"I, state your full name," Sheriff Tony Spurlock said in a video posted to Facebook, implying for Pilot the service dog to repeat after him.

But the request was met with silence. It seems this labrador retriever forgot his line.

Spurlock tried to give him a hint, quietly repeating, "woof!"

His trainer also stood behind them during the event, commanding, "speak!" as she waved a treat in front of his face, but both attempts were met with a blank stare.

See images of the cute pup:

Finally, after several moments of what appeared to be stage-fright, Pilot responded, "woof!"

Spurlock then continued the oath with a treat in his hand, but Pilot was clearly more interested in the treat.

This time, Pilot seemed to get the gist. As if to say, "I do," he raised his paw, and shook Spurlock's hand.

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After signing a pledge with a paw print, Pilot was officially sworn in as the department's first Victims Assistant K9.

Pilot, who trained as a comfort dog, will now be in charge of responding to crime scenes with his handler and comforting victims involved.

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