Google accused of manipulating searches to be pro-Hillary

Is Google Manipulating Searches to be Pro-Hillary?
Is Google Manipulating Searches to be Pro-Hillary?

Google is in hot water for potentially swaying searches for Hillary Clinton in the presumptive Democratic nominee's favor.

Some are noticing a difference between the autofill suggestion for searches of Hillary Clinton on Google, compared to other search engines like Yahoo or Bing.

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For example, one search on Google for "Hillary Clinton Cri-" resulted in AutoFills with suggestions that are a bit more positive, like "Hillary clinton Crime Reform" and "Hillary Clinton Crime Bill 1994."

Then, the same search conducted on Bing results in AutoFills like "Hillary Clinton crimes," "Hillary Clinton criminal investigation," and "Hillary Clinton criminal activities"

It happens again when a search for "Hillary Clinton In-" results in "Hillary Clinton Indiana" on Google, as opposed to "Hilary Clinton Indictment" on Yahoo.

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A Google spokesperson disputes the idea of collusion. She said, "autocomplete predictions are produced based on a number of factors including the popularity of search terms."

Vox refuted the claims on Friday as the story gained traction on social media, pointing out that Google search rarely populates crime-related search terms. Typing "Bill Cosby cr" and "OJ Simpson cr" into the Google search field populated suggested search terms of "Bill Cosby creepy face" and "OJ Simpson cross examination," but nothing about crime.

However, the discrepancies are so significant that many are still not convinced.