Alien hunter spots skull on Mars in latest discovery

Alien Hunter Spots Skull On Mars In Latest Discovery
Alien Hunter Spots Skull On Mars In Latest Discovery

Mars may be cold and inhospitable now, but based on an alien hunter's recent discovery, it could well have once been a very exciting place.

On June 6, YouTube user who goes by the name Paranormal Crucible, shared a video said to contain evidence of an ancient skull on the Red Planet, reports the Daily Express.

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According to Chron, exactly what sort of being it once belonged to is unclear, but the YouTuber has narrowed the likeliest possibilities down to alien and Sasquatch.

Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily doesn't believe there's any ambiguity as to the nature of the remains.

He said of the find, "The object on the ground looks like an ancient skull of one of the alien species that once lived on the surface of Mars."

At this time, no significant theories as to the skull's relationship with other objects seen on the planet, such as a helmet, a rat, and a giant spoon, have surfaced.