A Cavs fan was fired for ugly tweet directed at Stephen Curry's sister and daughter Riley

Cavs Fan Fired After Hateful Tweet Sent To Stephen Curry's Sister, Sydell
Cavs Fan Fired After Hateful Tweet Sent To Stephen Curry's Sister, Sydell

A Cavs fan has lost his job over a message on social media that took his fandom too far.

The incident came about when Stephen Curry's sister, Sydel Curry, sent out a Tweet. Sydel, who is a junior at Elon University and a member of their volleyball team, noted that she, along with her mom and grandmother, were on their way to Cleveland for Game 4.

One Cavs fan replied to that tweet with a NSFW message that not only was directed at Sydel, but also Stephen's daughter, Riley.

"You and your whole family get the f*** out of Cleveland and take Riley's f****** a** with you," the tweet said.

That tweet was later deleted, but here is a screenshot from Bleacher Report.

Sydel initially replied with an innocent comment, "We'll be gone Friday! Bless up." However, after that, Sydel directed some more forceful comments to the fan, clearly upset that he had also gone after 3-year-old Riley.

At some point, another Twitter user was able to determine where the Cavs fan worked and included the real estate firm, Holton Wise, in a reply.

About an hour later, the firm issued a message saying that the employee had been terminated.

"Our apologies to all who were a party to this attack. Holton Wise does not condone this & we have terminated this apprentice," their message on Twitter said.

One of the owners of Holton Wise, James Wise, later issued a longer statement, again apologizing for the comments.

An open letter to the Curry family.

On behalf of the entire Holton Wise team, I would like to sincerely apologize to the Curry family and anyone else who was offended by the actions displayed yesterday on Twitter, by a former Holton Wise team member. Once we were made aware of his wildly inappropriate behavior we immediately terminated this individual as those actions are not reflective of the culture here at The Holton-Wise Property Group. We do not condone or tolerate hate speech of any kind, let alone hate speech that is directed towards a child.

The people of Cleveland love our city and are passionate about our sports teams. I do not want a bad experience to sour your family on our entire city. Cleveland has a lot to offer and hopefully after your visit here, you will love the city of Cleveland as much as we do.


James Wise

This is once again a reminder that it doesn't matter how many followers you have on social media, it just takes one to see a tweet and it will soon be seen by millions. It is also a reminder that while a person in the U.S. has the freedom to say what they want and they are free to not be arrested for those words, that doesn't mean they are free from potential consequences for saying hateful things.

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