7 fitness-inspired tips for building your business

Growing your company is like building your fitness. You must evolve, be creative, and stay disciplined.

Running a successful brand and creating a stronger, more functional team can be a lot like establishing and following a good workout regime. As a leader, it's your job to function as a personal trainer to inspire your team to get on board with your brand vision and coach them in successfully carrying that vision out.

Here are seven fitness inspired tips you can follow to create a stronger team that will buff up your business.

1. Motivate Yourself

Motivation is key when it comes to bettering yourself, your team and your brand. Without self-motivation, you'll be less likely to inspire your team to work together to better your business.

Like a muscle, self-motivation becomes stronger the more you use it. Mastering the art of self-motivation will take some time to become a habit. However, with daily practice, you'll not only better yourself and your business, but you'll inspire your team to lead more meaningful personal and professional lives.

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2. Strength Train

Just like building muscle takes a healthy combination of internal (diet) and external (exercise) factors, creating a more functional team comes from a combination of personal development and effective collaboration.

Encouraging personal development shows employees that you're invested in their future and that you foster a culture of innovation. Creating this kind of environment will lead to more effective collaboration among team members and, ultimately, greater progress throughout the company.

3. Build Endurance

Building endurance involves pushing your limits. A brand never became hugely successful by simply thinking inside the box or taking the safe route. Building brand endurance means encouraging innovative ideas from your team, while maintaining a strong brand foundation.

With that said, it is important to not sacrifice the core of your brand for a potentially successful concept. Doing so could result in the loss of loyal customers and employees alike. Staying true to your core is an essential element of a successful brand.

4. Eat Healthy

You would be amazed by how much your diet affects your day-to-day functions. Eating a healthy, diverse diet can improve your mood and energy, help you maintain a healthy weight and even inspire your team to eat healthier.

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It also improves cognitive performance and will allow you to be more productive day in and day out. By eating healthier you are likely to inspire others to do the same, which could improve the overall health and productivity of your team.

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5. Never Stop Evolving

Just like a good fitness regime evolves to maintain strong muscles, a successful leader (and a successful business) continues to evolve to maintain relevance.

A relevant brand is one that continually innovates and relentlessly moves forward. Relevancy often requires bold moves and a seamless customer experience across all channels, which is where a strong, functional team comes in.

6. Track Your Progress

Whether it's a new workout regime or an innovative marketing tactic, it's important to track the progress of anything you do.

Using analytics to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts will establish a clear return on investment (ROI) that provides you and your team with the information necessary to make more informed decisions and enhance both current and future marketing efforts.

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7. Maintain A Positive Outlook

It's easy to get bogged down by the negativity of things around you. Maintaining a positive attitude is critical in achieving any kind of success--personal or professional.

Doing simple things like exercising, tapping into positive emotions and showing your appreciation for your team on a daily basis will allow you to form the habit of maintaining a positive outlook. This positivity will also affect those around you and create a better work environment.

Following these tips will help you get in better shape professionally and create more functional team members. By bettering yourself and encouraging your team members to do the same, you'll inspire a work environment that translates to progress and will, ultimately, buff up your business.

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