22 animal GIFS that prove friendship has no limits

Cat Takes Care of Ducklings
Cat Takes Care of Ducklings

Friendship has no limits, and these unlikely animal friends are here to prove it! From a goat and a turtle to a puppy and a horse, we can learn a lot from these animals and their unique but love-filled friendships.

1. This husky and fox chasing each other like pups:


Around and around — you'd think they'd get tired but they're just having way too much fun!

2. This pooch who doesn't mind some slobbery kisses from his much bigger friend:

Imgur GIF

Because who doesn't love horsey kisses?

3. This baby goat who hitches a ride from its cool, but slow, buddy:

Cool Ride!

Slow and steady wins the race, and this unlikely pair is coming in first place!

4. These baby emus and pup playing tag:

Imgur GIF

We're not sure who's having more fun here — the emus or the dog!

5. A cow who uses his horns for the good of horse-manity:

Horse rubbing belly on cow horns

This is true love right here. A belly scratch? Come on.

6. Man's Chicks' best friend:

This pitbull does not fuck with with ducks

This is one way to get a bath!

7. A dog getting a pawsage from this cutie:

This is true love

Who knew cats could be so considerate?

8. This horse and dog playing some tug of war:

Imgur GIF

It really is every animal's favorite game!

9. Bambi and kitty, two bush fire rescues, nuzzle:

2 bush fire rescues meet for the first time, they're gonna be friends eventually.


10. Piglet and his friend make the purfect couple:

All together now...AWWWWWWW!

Kisses all around! Can we also talk about how this little piggy is wearing a dress?!

11. This mama cat and her ferret buddies are a snuggly pair:

cat grooms her catsnakes

So much furry love. We sense a hair ball coming on.

12. This dog making sure this squirrel is all clean:

Weiner Dog Giving a Baby Squirrel a Bath

The pup's got good intentions, but is the squirrel ok??

13. This furball having the time of his life:

Imgur GIF

Giddyap, partner!

14. A wombat and his golden bestie exchanging smooches:

Imgur GIF

Well this is totally adorable.

15. This German shepherd and his new wittle playmates:

A Startled Baby White Tiger

Wait a minute, are those tigers?!

16. A pony giving this terrier a taste of the high life:

Jack Russell rides a miniature horse


17. These hippos offering a boost to this teeny duckling:

Hippos Help Lost Duckling Get Out Of Pond And Find His Mommy

Who knew hippos were so helpful?

18. Dog, meet very, very, very happy kid:

A goat and his canine companion.

Kid, as in baby goat. Get it?

19. A horse racing with his canine:

Horse and Dog Playing Together - Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat

More horse and puppy love. We had no idea this was a thing!

20. And this horse and cat getting some nuzzles:

Cat Cuddling Horse - Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat

And apparently horses like cats just as much!

21. Birds just hopping around these goldens:

The gang's all here.

This is too much to handle. There's even a hamster hanging out with them!

22. And this sweet bond between a horse and his four-legged friend:

The bond between a horse and a dog.

Best. Friends. Forever.

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