Why women are more prone to anxiety than men

Why Women Are More Prone to Anxiety Than Men

Women are nearly twice as likely to have anxiety than men.

That's according to a new review from Cambridge University, which looked at 48 published studies about anxiety.

The lead researcher believes women are more prone to anxiety because of hormonal fluctuations or because women are more prone to stress in general.

However, it's possible the research could be skewed, as it seems men are less likely to report mental health problems.

Researchers estimate that four in every 100 people have anxiety. But in North America, it's eight in every 100, which is the highest rate across the globe.

Anxiety disorders are estimated to cost $42 billion a year in the U.S.

Young people under 35 and those with health problems also have anxiety. And it's a vicious cycle, since health problems then cause even morestress.

To help mitigate anxiety, doctors suggest therapy, medication and changes in lifestyle.

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