This 'Artisan Retreat' tiny house is probably nicer than your regular-size home

Tiny Home: 3 Hidden Costs to Look Out For
Tiny Home: 3 Hidden Costs to Look Out For

Dubbed the "Artisan Retreat," this 250-square-foot tiny home is truly designed and decorated better than most full-size homes we've seen on the market.

The house is based out of Battle Ground, Washington, and the builder, Matt Impola, looks at the home as a work of creative craftsmanship. He notes that he's channeled his artistic visions into perfecting the house:

"There is something magical and life giving about transforming raw materials into functional art."

And functional art is exactly what this house is.

Hardwood covers the floors, with stunning white-paneled plywood walls.

Repurposed timber can be found transformed throughout into top of the line shelving, bookcases and window shades.

Take a look at this masterpiece below:

Storage is plentiful, including a 42-inch wardrobe closet under the staircase, a separate standing 3-inch closet and full-size couch with built-in storage beneath it.

The kitchen boasts a farmhouse sink set between Walnut wood butcher block countertops.

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Nearly everything is handcrafted, adding to the uniqueness and quaintness of this home.

It's going for $69K, which includes the price of most staged decor.

It may be a steep price for a tiny home, but all things considered, quite a steal given you're getting something truly one-of-a-kind.

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