Piers Morgan to meet with female murderers in 'Killer Women' series

Piers Morgan: I Want Bigger Interviews
Piers Morgan: I Want Bigger Interviews

Piers Morgan is partnering with TLC and Investigation Discovery for a new two-part series on female murders called "Killer Women with Piers Morgan," the networks announced Wednesday.

In each episode, Morgan will travel to meet one of America's most notorious killers for in-depth conversations to discover what drives some women to kill.

In the first episode, Morgan travels to Gatesville, Texas, to meet Erin Caffey, who at 16, plotted to kill her entire family.

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Morgan speaks with Caffey at her maximum security prison, and then meets with her father — who survived the attack–and friends, who all paint a picture of a sweet, church-going girl. However, her counselor describes Erin as "the best liar I've ever seen."

In Episode 2, Morgan reconstructs the case of Amanda Hutton, who was convicted of killing her daughter but maintains her innocence. He will then speak with Rhonda Glover, who was found guilty of murdering her wealthy boyfriend in cold blood.

The series is a co-production between Morgan and Plum Pictures for ITV. Morgan and Plum's managing director Stuart Cabb serve as executive producers. Plum Pictures are represented internationally by Hat Trick International who brokered the sale to TLC & ID.

Morgan is a client of The Alternative.

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"Killer Women with Piers Morgan" will premiere on TLC on July 8 at 8 p.m./7c with two weeks of consecutive encores on ID beginning July 12 at 8 p.m./7c.

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