OnlyOnAOL: Prepare to be blown away by this 'Hamilton' creation

Daveed Diggs On "Hamilton"
Daveed Diggs On "Hamilton"

By: Donna Freydkin

Six weeks ago, Tony-nominated "Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs and performance artist Rafael Casal crafted a rap musical theater workshop in NYC called #BARS. Twelve students enrolled. The result is called the BARS MEDLEY, a video project directed by Carlos Estrada.

What inspired Diggs and Casal to combine their talents, you might ask? So did we.

"I had just moved to New York to be closer to Diggs so we could work on our projects while he was in 'Hamilton,' and was hanging with an old friend who runs a casting agency here in New York for theater," says Casal.

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She, in turn, advised him to create a rap workshop. "It was a fantastic idea. Not to teach a rap workshop, but to create a space where verse-driven theater, or rap in musical theater, could be experimented with," says Casal.


The two go way, way, way back. "We've been working on projects together for well over a decade -- plays, music, skits, scripts, cartoons, concerts, bands. At this point, I think we just intuitively know that involving each other makes what we want to do better. Whether it's his idea or mine, small or big," says Casal.

Watch the incredible video below.