NFL banning hoodies, assistant coaches on field in rule changes

NFL Rule Changes
NFL Rule Changes

One of the things that the NFL is always trying to do—for better, worse, or at risk of being ridiculed—is trying to change the rules to improve the game. The most obvious rule change that went into effect after last offseason was, of course, moving extra points back. However, the major rule changes that are going into effect this year are just a tad less serious, even if one change might really, really be singling James Jones out.

According to a report from Kevin Seifert of ESPN, the NFL is going to ban players from wearing hoodies that hang over the top of their shoulder pads. While that obviously means Jones won't be able to wear his signature look with the hood hanging out and making it impossible to see who caught that pass, other players will also be effected late in the season as the weather gets colder.

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The other major rule change that's set to happen when this new batch is finalized is that assistant coaches will be strictly prohibited from going onto the field. While the hoodie rule is likely in response to Jones, the rule for assistant coaches is no doubt in response to the Bengals-Steelers incident that involved Pittsburgh linebackers coach Joey Porter and several Cincinnati players.

We'll see if any other major rule changes come about, but it appears that these are the two that the NFL are leading with in response to what they saw needed changing after last year.

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