Mark Cuban: 'Obstructionism' from Congress 'will be 1,000 times worse for Hillary Clinton'

Mark Cuban's new hints about wanting the Vice Presidential spot?
Mark Cuban's new hints about wanting the Vice Presidential spot?

Mark Cuban told CNN host Chris Cuomo on Thursday morning's edition of "New Day" that obstructionism in Congress will be "1,000 times worse" for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton than it was for President Barack Obama.

"If you look at the obstructionism they've offered to Obama, it will be 1,000 times worse for Hillary Clinton," he said. "And so you know, the argument, if I had to make an argument for Donald Trump, the argument is I think right now, he would do a better job of crossing the aisle and reducing gridlock than Sen. Clinton would."

He said Clinton has been so demonized by the GOP that it would be impossible for her to break the Congressional gridlock. However, he did not account for how House and Senate Democrats might refuse to work with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump on legislation.

But the brash billionaire business mogul, star of ABC's "Shark Tank," and owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks said Clinton has "done a horrible job" of "humanizing herself."

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"I mean, it's horrible to say for a presidential candidate we're talking about humanizing, right, but they made her not human," he said. "They demonized her so bad with Hillary and all this name-calling that she has got, if she has any hope of accomplishing anything, if she wins, she is going to have to get out there and really connect."

Cuban insisted that, as a potential vice president, he could help her connect across the aisle.

He's previously expressed interest in serving as either Clinton's or Trump's running mate. Clinton expressed an openness to the idea during a recent "Meet the Press" interview.

Watch part of Cuban's interview below:

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