Is this Johnny Manziel getting served while clubbing? (Video)

Johnny Manziel -- You Got Served ... Hit with Lawsuit While Clubbing
Johnny Manziel -- You Got Served ... Hit with Lawsuit While Clubbing

Everything that was once mildly amusing about Johnny Manziel is now sad and depressing. While we're all irresponsibly trolling a man with serious personal problems, his fall from grace continues to be just as embarrassing as how we're all reacting to it.

While out clubbing this week, the former Cleveland Browns quarterback was apparently served court papers — in front of everyone. Public shaming clearly doesn't have an affect on Manziel though.

TMZ claims that Manziel is being served in the video they posted. See for yourself in the video above.

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While it's unclear if that's actually what is happening, it's really not that hard to believe. There's also that bit in the video where the ex-NFL quarterback says, "What's up with them serving you while you're trying to have a good time man?"

It's been a hard spiral downward for Manziel since he was excommunicated from the NFL. He lived loose and his career died hard as a result of the demons he's battling and clearly losing to. This is further proof that we should be rallying around Manziel to get him the help he needs, but it's apparent he's not ready to accept it.

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