Incredible rescue of baby dolphin caught on camera

Incredible Rescue of Young Dolphin Caught on Camera
Incredible Rescue of Young Dolphin Caught on Camera

It was a close call for a dolphin off the coast of Walvis Bay, Namibia, this week.

The poor sea dweller was caught ashore, but luckily for him, a local tour guide was there to spring into action.

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Naude Dreyer of Pelican Point Kayaking claims that he spotted the juvenile male Benguela on his way back from a tour the morning of Wednesday, June 8.

As captured on video, Dreyer's next few moves ended up saving the baby cetacean's life. According to his Facebook post, he made a few quick measurements before picking him up and carrying him into the open waters.

On the rescue, he said, "I was not very hopeful, but as soon as he got into water and realized where he was he took off like a bullet." He also added that he plans to return to the same spot later on to make sure the small animal hasn't returned.

Not all heroes wear capes, some don swimsuit trunks.

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