Emma Stone is a redhead once more -- see the pic!

Emma Stone Goes Platinum Blonde! See Her Nearly Unrecognizable New Look
Emma Stone Goes Platinum Blonde! See Her Nearly Unrecognizable New Look

Now that's the Emma Stone we all know and love.

The 27-year-old actress is a chameleon when it comes to hair color and she has switched it up yet again -- albeit with a familiar hue. On Wednesday, the Aloha star revealed that she has gone back to her iconic red locks as she stepped out in Beverly Hills, California.

WATCH: Emma Stone Channels Taylor Swift With Blonde Locks

Stone looked casual as she left a salon in a striped shirt and relaxed-fit jeans. Her crisscross flats, beige crossover handbag and oversized shades added to her already summer-ready ensemble.

The Birdman actress went into the salon a blonde, but came out a fiery ginger. Although her red hair is what she's known for, and usually what she has, Stone been keeping the media and her fans on their toes this summer when it comes to her style.


This week isn't the first time Stone has changed her locks over the past few months. In fact, she's had three completely different shades in a little more than a month and they've been polar opposites.

In early May, the Arizona native shocked everyone when she revealed a major style change at the Met Gala. She donned a white Prada gown with a metal silver corset, but that wasn't the only reason why she turned heads on the carpet.

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She debuted darker brown locks at the event and it was a serious showstopper. The actress also had a much tanner and toned figure, which can be attributed to her role as Billie Jean King in the upcoming film, Battle of the Sexes.

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Her most recent hair change-up, before the ginger locks, was perfect for spring and much brighter than the brunette shade she had before it. Last month, Stone channeled her inner Taylor Swift (Coachella-style) and sported bleach blonde hair.

The actress, who has her own squad made up of Adele and Jennifer Lawrence, definitely looked a lot like Swift when she stepped out in Beverly Hills in late May. She even had blunt bangs that matched the "Shake It Off" singer's festival hairdo.

Stone isn't the only celebrity, however, to sport two (or three) dramatically different looks in a short amount of time. This year's Best Actress Oscar winner, Brie Larson, recently joined the redhead club herself.

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