Bella Thorne talks living with boyfriend Gregg Sulkin and her summer plans

Bella Thorne is definitely ready for the summer!

The 18-year-old actress and her boyfriend, actor Gregg Sulkin, 24, just moved into a new pad together and she says that it's her favorite spot to kick back together. "My boyfriend and I just moved into a new house, so this is now our summer house. We have a backyard and there's a lot of pool floaties -- there's big unicorns in the pool and it's crazy. It's actually really fun," Thorne told AOL in an exclusive interview at the launch of Burt's Bees new lipstick line.

The duo, who just celebrated their 1-year anniversary, apparently had to team up a bit on decorating their new home, but Bella says she ruled the roost. "We remodeled the house, the whole entire thing from head to toe. We worked really well together on everything, on the color scheme and it's great because we have very different ideas. I am really good at the details and he's really good at the mechanics of everything. I don't know what those two walls look like knocked down, I have no idea. I just know what color looks good in this room."

PHOTOS: Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin together

Speaking of colors, the former Disney starlet teamed up with Burt's Bees on their new lipstick line is working with them on their The #LoveYourNature campaign. Thorne said she loves the color she was wearing -- Russet River -- because it's a fun and unexpected look for summer. She's not a huge fan of pink, but encouraged her fans to experiment with all colors for summer to find out what's natural to them.

As for her summer plans, she says she is ready to take lots of selfies, hit the beach and have some fun -- she even wants to go camping if her boyfriend will go with her.

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