1,300 sheep take over a Spanish city after shepherd falls asleep

Flock of Sheep 'Invades' Spanish City After Shepherd Falls Asleep
Flock of Sheep 'Invades' Spanish City After Shepherd Falls Asleep

If you suffer from a fear of sheep you might want to skip this video showing 1,300 sheep running on the loose and basically taking over a town as if they were in New Zealand horror movie Black Sheep.

The freakish incident occurred just after 4 a.m. in the northeastern Spanish city of Huesca, south of the Pyrenees mountains, on the French border, after a shepherd fell asleep, according to local police.

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Alerted by several phone calls from residents, Huesca police were forced to round up the flock, which had already taken over the city centre, and deliver them back to the shepherd.

Two police cars were sent to the scene and five officers spent about 45 minutes trying to round up all the sheep and return them to their pen.

A video posted by Huesca police on their Facebook page shows a police car with it lights on pulling up in front of the flock.

The shepherd had dozed off instead of guiding the sheep onto the pastures of the Pyrenees, where they'll spend the summer.

Look back at when 2,000 sheep were herded through the streets of Madrid this winter:

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