You've been removing sticky labels all wrong

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Easiest way to remove sticky labels from glass bottles & jars

For many of us, especially the home goods shopaholics, the joys of buying something new is quickly diminished by the amount of time it takes to set or clean that item. What's especially annoying are those little labels that seem to be glued on and take years to take off.

New dishes? Great, except no one wants to spend all that effort scraping off those annoying stickers. Your new picture frame is beautiful, but of course there's a label right where your baby's head should go.

These stubborn labels don't even come off in one piece, leaving your new mirror covered in ripped, sticky strands.

Fear no more. This hack, so simple yet brilliant, will save both your time and nails. If you have a hair dryer, you'll definitely need to try this trick.

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Lazy cleaning hacks
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You've been removing sticky labels all wrong

Make a habit of putting at least one thing away when you enter a different room in your house. 

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Spray an all-purpose cleaner every time you shower. This will prevent mildew build up and ensure you never have to an entire two hours to clean your showers.

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Opt for a shower gel or body wash instead of using a bar of soap to avoid extra shower scum. Bath & Body Works has a Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte variation perfect for this season. 

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Get rid of pet hair (and your own) by wiping all your hairy surfaces with a pair of slightly damp rubber gloves. 

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Has this ever happened to you? ::tragic::

Grab your iron and lift that stain right up. 

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To clean a dirty microwave take a simple sponge and throw it into a bowl with water, dish soap and vinegar. Then, place the damp sponge inside your microwave and heat for three minutes. Once that's done, the microwave will be full of condensation and much easier to clean. Be careful though, the sponge will be very hot so it's best to wear rubber gloves as you clean. 

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Clean your shower liner by throwing it in the wash with a few soiled towels. Add a half-cup of baking soda in with your normal amount of detergent. At the rinse cycle, dump in a half-cup of vinegar. Hang your shower liner to dry.

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Keep coal or baking soda in your fridge to absorb gross odors. 

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Line your George Foreman grill with aluminum foil before using it to avoid hours of scrubbing post-eating.  

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Eat straight out of takeout containers or a tortilla to avoid having dishes to wash. 

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Keep cleaning supply where you use it. 

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Avoid heavy-duty fridge cleaning by lining your fridge shelves with Press' N Seal

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