The Jordan Rodgers 'Bachelorette' update: Week 3, part 2

Jordan Is Falling for JoJo
Jordan Is Falling for JoJo

Tuesday night's bonus episode of 'The Bachelorette' was chock full of more blood, muscles and football -- and has us convinced once and for all that this season is skewed to benefit former quarterback Jordan Rodgers.

The show started with a pool party, where over a dozen shirtless men tried synchronized diving and other silly tricks in order to impress bikini-clad bachelorette, JoJo. Mercifully, Jordan quickly scooped JoJo up for some one-on-one time where JoJo admits that she really likes him and he makes her nervous. You know, the usual high school stuff.

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According to JoJo, Jordan is "hard to read," which is different from some other athletes who just have a hard time reading.

As the episode goes on, Jordan once again gets selected for a group date. We see the bachelors walk up to Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and wonder why the rest of the group just doesn't leave. Jordan clearly has the edge here, much like the date that took place at ESPN.

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Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward and Brett Keisel (who we like to believe are all good friends of the Rodgers family) await the group on the field when they arrive.

"It's not every day that my guys get to hang out with pro football legends," JoJo said, either temporarily forgetting about Aaron Rodgers' existence or insinuating that he isn't a pro football legend. For her sake we hope it's the former. A few minutes later, Roethlisberger asks JoJo which one of the guys is Aaron's brother, and she points Jordan out. At least now we know for sure that she's aware.

The bachelors run a few drills with Ward and Keisel while JoJo chats with Big Ben, and Jordan straight up embarrasses all of them, tossing perfect passes that somehow no one is able to catch. If any NFL personnel are watching the show, we're confident Jordan may have a contract offer soon (we're looking at you, Jets).

After practice, it's announced that the group will split up into teams and play a game, with Jordan serving as the quarterback for both sides. The winning team will get extra time with JoJo. No matter what, Jordan will win. Again, this seems skewed, but we don't hate it.

One team is stacked with big, athletic guys and the other is the scrawny, injured ones -- but surprise, the underdogs win! It's heartwarming, truly.

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When Jordan gets his extra time with JoJo later that night, he's set on proving that he's super soft and sweet and not hard to read at all. JoJo says once again that Jordan makes her nervous and that she has a lot of questions, so Jordan tells JoJo that he's falling for her. This totally normal thing to say to someone you've known for three weeks seems to smooth everything over, and Jordan is awarded a rose at the end of the date.

Elsewhere in Rodgersland, Aaron returned to practice this week, which is only slightly more exciting than Jordan falling madly in love.

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