Photo of woman crossing her legs on a subway is baffling the internet


Fair warning, it almost hurts to look at this photo of a woman sitting on a subway that's going viral. Sitting with your legs nicely crossed is one thing, but this woman somehow managed to twist her legs around each other nearly three times!

How did she get her legs so wrapped up like that? For some people it's hard enough to just sit comfortable with one leg over the other -- and men especially.

After Imgur user SickOfFeelingNumb posted the photo, hundreds of people began commenting.

"I do this sometimes but I had no idea it looked that creepy," one user wrote.

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For others, it's not that simple.

"Was I the only one who tried to do it (unsuccessfully, may I add)?" AuthenticMexicanBurrito commented.

Or as DeadpoolWilson comically put it, "Let me just break my legs real quick."

Editors at Mashable even gave it a go and documented their results.

It seems like you're either a natural pretzel, or you're not. One thing's for sure -- it's much better than manspreading:

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