Monkey causes nationwide blackout in Kenya

Monkey Causes Nationwide Blackout In Kenya
Monkey Causes Nationwide Blackout In Kenya

Kenya faced a nationwide blackout on Tuesday, and it appears a monkey was the root cause.

According to the Kenya Electricity Generating Company, the primate climbed onto the roof of the Gitaru power station and fell onto a transformer.

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This tripped the machine, which caused other machines to overload. That led to the loss of more than 180 megawatts from the plant, which, in turn, resulted in the blackout.

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The company says all of its installations are secured with electrical fencing but are unable to say how the monkey got into the area.

The event has caused a social media firestorm. Joy Phillips writes, "When's the last time you experienced a blackout due to a monkey? Life in Africa!"

Christine Edwards said, "Well I feel less bad that I'm starting my second day without electricity again, now that I know it was caused by a monkey!"

If there's any upside to this electrical nightmare, it's that the monkey did in fact survive the shock and is now in the custody of the Kenya Wildlife Service.

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