Is this 12-year-old the next Taylor Swift? Simon Cowell thinks so ...

Simon Cowell Face Swaps with Ryan Seacrest
Simon Cowell Face Swaps with Ryan Seacrest

"Most of my friends don't really know I sing," Grace VanderWaal told the audience of America's Got Talent.

The 12-year-old will have a hard time hiding her talents now after wowing judges and audience members Tuesday night. The singer/songwriter from New York showed off her chops in front of a stunned audience when she performed an original song "I Don't Know My Name" on ukulele.

VanderWaal had the honor of receiving Howie Mendel's only golden buzzer, which means she'll head straight to the live performances this season.

"I think the world is going to know your name," Mendel said. We sure won't forget it.

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