Boy expected to survive after suffering 'internal decapitation' during accident

Boy Expected To Survive After Suffering 'Internal Decapitation' During Accident
Boy Expected To Survive After Suffering 'Internal Decapitation' During Accident

A four-year-old boy named Killian Gonzalez is expected to recover from an internal decapitation that he suffered during a serious car accident, reports KBOI.

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According to the New York Times, the incident occurred on May 22 around the Idaho-Nevada border when hail and dangerous road conditions caused Brandy Gonzalez to lose control of her car and crash into an oncoming vehicle.

A couple passing by saw the accident and stopped to help.

One of the good Samaritans, Leah Woodward, writes in a Facebook post that she kept the little boy still while her police officer husband helped the mother.

Once at the hospital, doctors determined that Killian had extensive injuries including internal decapitation.

The Washington Post explains that the term is used when the ligaments that tether the skull and spine, "..stretch or snap, and the skull separates from the supporting spinal bones. From the outside, however, the neck appears intact."

The survival rate is typically very low, but the boy is expected to heal without surgery due, in large part, to Woodward's efforts to keep his neck immobile.

He has reportedly been released from the hospital with a brace and, according to KBOI, is "expected to make a full recovery."

The mother is also projected to survive from her injuries which include three broken limbs.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help the family pay for their medical expenses.