Bernie Sanders supporters share their gratitude with #ThankYouBernie

What Will Bernie Do After The Campaign?
What Will Bernie Do After The Campaign?

Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic presidential nomination, but her opponent Bernie Sanders vowed to stay in the race.

Although The New York Times reported that Sanders planned to lay off half of his staff and delegate math is not in his favor, many of his supporters claim to be #BernieOrBust.


Despite Tuesday night's huge victory for Clinton and her supporters, Sanders backers flooded Twitter with love for the Vermont senator.

Many of the tweets pointed out the impact Sanders has had on the nation, noting that he has inspired the youth, ignited a political revolution and has been fighting a progressive agenda for decades.

See more tweets showing thanks for Sanders below:

Sanders supporters aren't just tweeting -- they're also taking action. One group has planned a ten-day march from Washington, D.C. to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to shame Clinton and Democrats.

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