9 ways Hillary Clinton's financial plan will affect your wallet

What Are Clinton and Trump's Fiscal Policies?
What Are Clinton and Trump's Fiscal Policies?

Since Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced she'd run for president in this year's election, the press has predicted her win for the Democratic nomination. Primary results in the previous months have helped her maintain a solid lead over Bernie Sanders — and Clinton has made it clear how her presidency would affect Americans' taxes, wages, student debt and more.

Here's a look at Clinton's plan for your wallet and recent news of controversy surrounding the June 7 primaries.

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Hillary Clinton Named Democratic Nominee Ahead of Primaries

Hillary Clinton's latest victory at the Puerto Rico primary led the Associated Press to deem her the presumptive Democratic nominee, upsetting Democratic voters who say it's still too early to call the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The AP announcement came one day before Democrats are set to vote in the California primary and other primaries in Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota, with 694 delegates on the line. Although Clinton has enough superdelegates to win her the Democratic nomination, superdelegates do not vote until the Democratic National Convention in late July.

In order for Sanders to win the race, he will need to secure victories in the June 7 primaries and entice superdelegates to vote for him during the DNC. Assuming Clinton wins the nomination and beats out Donald Trump to become president, here's what you can expect for your wallet.

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