5 tips for creating the perfect picnic

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Picnics are one of my favorite spring and summer activities, is there anything better than eating fruit and cheese outdoors with a glass of wine, or in this case champagne? Having quite a few picnics under my belt, I thought I'd share a few tips to make your next one easy and memorable.

1. Dress for the occasion. This may seem like a "duh" kind of tip, but I definitely have learned this one the hard way. Chances are, you're probably going to be sitting on the ground at a picnic, so wear something that's comfortable and you won't be worried about flashing the entire world or your heels sticking in the ground. I love maxi dresses because they're so easy and you can sit on the ground without having to think about it. My go-to sandals are these by Sam Edelman, they have a tiny little heel but are so comfortable and easy to walk in. I also love these Jack Rogers Lauren sandals.

2. Do all the prep work ahead of time. Total rookie move, but I've made the mistake of not doing that and it makes your picnic way more work than it needs to be. Cut, peel, wash all of your fruits, meats, veggies, etc. ahead of time and put them in little containers that you can then use at your picnic. I like using ramekins (put a little plastic wrap on them for transportation). These little bowls are also great and come with plastic lids to put on top.

3. Use trays and boards to hold your food and booze. Unless you have the luck of finding a spot with a picnic table you are probably sitting on the ground. We always bring a few marble boards (which are heavy so if you're walking a ways skip that), wooden cheese boards and trays to keep everything on a flat surface. Plastic wine glasses are also helpful so you don't have to worry about them breaking.

4. Bring blankets. I always bring a few and I have a little collection of "picnic blankets" that I don't mind if they get a little dirty or grass stained. I love this moroccan wedding blanket from Anthropologie and this throw from Lulu & Georgia.

5. Enjoy the view. After being cooped up inside ALL winter, just being outdoors, enjoying the sun on your face and taking in the surroundings feels good. It was so nice to sit on the lawn at Fort Adams, watch boats go by, enjoy the warm sun, listen to the birds and the breeze, and sip on champagne.

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