The state of Maine will reimburse your vacation if you promise to do 1 thing

Maine: Bar Harbor-Acadia National Park
Maine: Bar Harbor-Acadia National Park

There's no doubt that the state of Maine is absolutely gorgeous, from ocean views to soaring mountains to quaint little beach towns set against jetties.

In fact, it's this sense of tranquility and natural beauty that makes the state popular for not much else other than getaways and vacations.

But as fun as a permanent vacation seems in theory, most of us know that it simply just isn't practical. The state of Maine is taking note of that, too, and it's willing to do something about it.

The state's new initiative is called "Visit For a Week, Stay for a Lifetime," and it's hoping to turn one-time vacationers into permanent residents through a network of employers who will reimburse vacation expenses in exchange for full-time employment with the state.

Of course, as with anything, there's a catch: The employer gets to decide how much (if any) of your trip they'll reimburse if you're hired.

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The state is in need of employees across all professions, especially healthcare and IT.

The program's website explains:

The program was established to encourage hard to recruit talent to consider Maine as a place to relocate. Employers can and will use their discretion on a case by case basis as to whether offering a signing bonus or expense reimbursement under this program is warranted.

So, realistically, the program offers more of a "signing bonus" to potential employees.

But we'd venture to guess that if the state is truly that adamant on attracting and maintaining top talent in its workforce, employers would be more than willing to offer a hefty reimbursement through the program as incentive.

Now, check out these gorgeous landmarks around Portland, Maine:

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