The Jordan Rodgers 'Bachelorette' update: Week 3, part 1

The Bachelorette Sneak Peek: Jordan Opens Up
The Bachelorette Sneak Peek: Jordan Opens Up

Congratulations, Bachelor nation! You get two testosterone-packed episodes of 'The Bachelorette' this week, which, luckily for us, means extra time with everyone's favorite former quarterback, Jordan Rodgers.

In part 1 of the show last night, Jordan and his hair got caught up in some drama with the season's villain, Chad (whose full name, we recently learned, is Chad Johnson... sound familiar?). After Chad revealed he would rather not see JoJo at all than go on a group date with 11 other guys, Jordan took the time to kindly re-explain the concept of the show -- which, in case you've also forgotten, is for many men to compete on dates for the love of one woman. Thanks for the refresher, Jordan.

Chad didn't take kindly to Jordan's sass, and rebutted by calling him "a 27-year-old failed football player." As if Chad didn't have enough enemies already, he now has all of us, because how dare you talk to our boy Jordan like that! He's not a failure! It's not possible for a Rodgers brother to be a failure! They excel at both Hail Mary passes and winning the hearts of women everywhere!

See photos of Jordan from 'The Bachelorette' and his football career:

Later on in the show, Jordan was part of the aforementioned group date with JoJo and 11 other guys. This week, JoJo made her suitors stand up on a stage in front of an audience of strangers at a comedy club and talk about their most embarrassing sex story, a date which we now hope is a staple for seasons to come.

We didn't get to hear much of Jordan's story, but he did briefly mention the need to "fluff" something that's "not always that big," so you can let your imagination run wild with that one.

After everyone's awkward sex talk, Jordan pulled JoJo aside for some alone time where he revealed how insecure and vulnerable he is, and how he's so scared of getting his heart broken, and other sweet nothings that made the members of Team Jordan fall even more in love.

Aaron Rodgers has been largely silent about his little brother's 'Bachelorette' escapades, which we're especially sad about this week. We'd love to hear his insight on the, ahem... the fluffing thing.

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