Super Bowl champion claims Planet Fitness kicked him out for groaning too hard

Former Super Bowl Champ Kicked out of Planet Fitness for 'Excessive Grunting'
Former Super Bowl Champ Kicked out of Planet Fitness for 'Excessive Grunting'

Planet Fitness is proud to call itself a "no judgement zone" — except when it comes to groaning.

Steve Weatherford is a former Superbowl champion and fitness guru. Last week, Rutherford posted a video claiming that he was kicked out of a Planet Fitness for "excessive breathing/grunting."

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Which begs the question — what was an NFL champion doing at Planet Fitness?

"So I have trained at well over 1,000 gyms all over the world. Not one time have I ever been approached and asked to 'tone it down.' Today I was unceremoniously kicked out of Planet Fitness for excessive breathing/grunting," Weatherford wrote in the caption of a video on his Instagram page.

Weatherford claimed that after he grunted, a siren went off. Planet Fitness is known for sounding a siren if someone is grunting too hard, or acting like a "lunk." They call it the lunk arm — and Weatherfound found it shameful.

"A gym should be a place that encourages, motivates and inspires you to build the best version of yourself possible," Weatherford said. "Not a place that has a built in siren the manager activates when someone is working hard and breathes heavily. I'm embarrassed to say I paid $20 to this establishment."

There are plenty of reasons to be embarrassed of Planet Fitness — the free pizza and bagels, for one — but the lunk alarm is what set Weatherford off.

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