Rumor Mill: A Skyrim remaster is in the works

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Another day, another set of E3 related leaks and rumors. Following yesterday's double dose of new games that will (likely) be unveiled at the show, the video game rumor mill is once again churning, and is this time focused on one of gaming's biggest franchises: The Elder Scrolls. Developer Bethesda has been pretty mum about what exactly it has in store for loyal fans come its livestreamed press conference on Sunday, but it's very much looking like a return to Tamriel is in the cards.

But don't get your hopes up too fast: while it's been nearly five years since the last entry in the series (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim), Bethesda usually takes its time releasing new games in its two main franchises, and with support for Fallout 4 still being the developer's main priority, a brand new game is unlikely for at least a few more years. Instead, noted industry insider Shinobi602 has revealed that a "remaster of sorts" will be unveiled by Bethesda during their E3 keynote, with all signs pointing to Skyrim getting the makeover treatment.

Shinobi602 also discussed other E3 related rumblings such as a confirmed reboot of Prey coming from Dishonored 2 developer Arcane Studios. Also on the table is the new Spider-Man game from Sony, and of course, Rockstar's highly awaited Red Dead Redemption 2, both of which Shinobi seemed to have some knowledge of. His track record with such rumors are pretty strong (he successfully revealed the new Call of Duty game weeks before it was actually announced, for one), but as always, we have to sit tight until official confirmation.

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