Getting drafted to the MLB in 1980 was very anticlimactic

Bradley: Braves' Draft Plans
Bradley: Braves' Draft Plans

Professional sports drafts have become nationally televised events over the years, but that wasn't always the case. In fact, as former MLB pitcher Dan Plesac pointed out on Twitter, the players in the draft even had a hard time keeping track of their own status.

On Monday, ahead of Thursday's MLB Draft, the current MLB Network analyst tweeted a photo of the piece of paper that notified him that he was drafted. Not exactly filled with fanfare.

Here's the transcription of the note, courtesy of Deadspin:

Congratulations. You are hereby notified that the St. Louis Cardinals National Baseball Club selected your name in the second round regular phase of the Rule 4 summer free agent selection meeting for the purpose of negotiating a professional baseball contract.

By baseball rules, this club has exclusive rights to negotiate with you, and it must iniatiate [sic] negotiations with you within fifteen days after the conclusion of the free agent meeting.

We trust you will give serious consideration to a career in professional baseball. You can expect to be hearing from our scout shortly.


Paul S. Fauks, Administrative Assistant, Minor League/Scouting

Instead of Western Union Mailgrams, we have Twitter. And instead of $60,000 rookie salaries, we have $507,500.

This Thursday, look out for hundreds of MLB reporters and bloggers covering the draft -- some perhaps even breaking the news of selections before players learn for themselves.

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