Brilliant invention combines a hammock and a hot tub

HotTug: Combination of Boat and Hot Tub

Why didn't we think of this ages ago? Take two of the most relaxing things out there, hammocks and hot tubs, and put them together and you get the Hydro Hammock.

It's like a portable hot tub that you can take almost anywhere, except in this one you don't have to be in a sitting position. You can lay back, stretch your feet all the way out and breathe in the fresh scent of the outdoors.

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Brilliant invention combines a hammock and a hot tub
Whoa, This Portable Hammock Doubles As A Hot Tub
I need the #HydroHammock ASAP!
I want one! 😀
@senor_mex @HydroHammock yeah i need a bath hammock!!
Genius - Hydro Hammock for baths and luxury on the go, outdoors or in the backyard! #luxury #bath #hottub #camping
This is so dumb and so beautiful. The Hot Tub Hammock:

It's made from "waterproof high-tensile strength marine quality canvas," according to its website, and it'll cost you $360. But you'll need the water heating system as well -- and that'll set you back $1,395. So as amazing and luxurious as it is, it's definitely not cheap.

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