Watch Adele bring out her inner Spice Girl

Adele's 25 Sales Rise to over 4 Million!!
Adele's 25 Sales Rise to over 4 Million!!

Adele's world tour has been filled with adorable and heartfelt moments. During her latest one in Amsterdam, she brought girl power nostalgia to the stage with a Spice Girls impression.

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The chart topping singer broke out into a brief "Spice Up Your Life" song and dance after the venue filled with claps and chants of "let's go" as fans cheered.

"Oh stop it I'm not a Spice Girl," Adele exclaimed in a fan-shot video before she began dancing (although Adele in Spice Girls would make for one incredible British supergroup).

Her performance also got the Spice Girls' approval when members, including Geri Halliwell and Mel C, shared the video. Now all Adele needs is a Spice name to make it official.

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Watch Adele bring it back the '90s below.

Check out more Adele in the gallery below!

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