Top 4 mistakes CEOs make on Facebook

Four Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make on Facebook
Four Biggest Mistakes CEOs Make on Facebook

It comes as no surprise that nearly 73 percent of Americans use Facebook every day.

The social network revolutionizes the way we can communicate with other people, especially those whom we would never normally have a direct line of contact to.

For CEOs of major companies, this can be something to take complete advantage of. Facebook becomes a platform for them to directly connect with consumers, employees and the general public all at once.

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But by allowing the public and employees to have such easy access to details about their personal lives, there comes a responsibility for CEOs and business leaders to use Facebook strategically and appropriately to help them leverage an advantage instead of having their account damage their image or brand.

Here are the four biggest mistakes that CEOs make on Facebook:

  1. Ignoring the page and not staying consistently active—rarely posting or having an outside team maintain a social media presence can make a CEO seem out of touch and impersonal, which can reflect poorly on their company

  2. Putting out too much personal information, controversial opinions and over-posting

  3. Coming off too formal and stiff—professionalism is important, but having a characteristic voice helps humanize a person as well as makes them appear more approachable

  4. Invading employee privacy by initiating friend requests and posts

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